October 20, 2014


ive been wanting to write about "our day in age" for awhile now but i havent really even been sure where to begin. 

at this very moment millions of you have the potential to read this post. that would make my grandmas brain turn to mush - just trying to comprehend the magnitude of the concept, 

 i remember when i created my first myspace profile complete with my "top ten"... had my first MSN messenger chat.. with categories of my favorite boys and girls. oh and then facebook - that took all of us to a whole new level. interacting in a way that we could never imagine possible. living within others lives and i believe sometimes covering our own with theirs like a blanket

not a warm snuggly blanket. 

the kind you want to take off but you feel SO vulnerable without. but really, have you ever attempted to distance yourself from "social media" , no im not saying go on a cleanse and delete it all for one week where you have a countdown to the next time you can open instagram. 

i mean really remove yourself from the comparison. after all, the perfectly collaged picture walls of instagram state "comparison is the thief of joy" 

ok sarcasm aside. there is something so discouraging about waking up in my half decorated house with yesterdays mascara, a groggy head because the babe woke up 3 times in the night and my husbands tee shirt on and rolling over and opening instagram to find.... 

perfectly styled outfits, and hair.... and nails.... and makeup 

oh and youre 19 and just built a mansion with rooms straight off of pinterest? 

and in your perfect marble and white kitchen youre making fresh raspberry mousse  BUT youre having a green smoothie because... 

you have perfect abs and go on runs with the autumn breeze in your hair!!

and thats when i just roll over and die. 

but thats a shame.

because i have a beautiful home that i have put my sweat into.full of items ive collected over the years and its not a magazine but its HOME;  and its more than i ever imagined i would have growing up in a single home moving every 6 mo. 

and i have a husband who cherishes me. who tells me im beautiful, sexy, cute... even when my hair is tangled, cohen has spit up on my shoulder and my legs look like the 70's

and guess what i actually had time to eat today, so what if it was tuna straight from the can.

and when my babe decided napping is for the birds i got my workout on vaccuuming with my little wrapped up close to my heart. and my babe is perfect, he is a blend of my husband and me and he loves us. he smiles at us and he talks in his little sing songy voice as he falls asleep in my arms. 

and you know what, all of a sudden im completely void of comparison because there IS so much joy in this little home of mine; my Heavenly Father as reached down and personally blessed me. 

and i hope that everyday i can reflect on this. that i can take off the heavy laid blanket of this world we live in and feel that tiny breeze across my skin and become awake to this beautiful life i live. 

October 9, 2014

keep em close.

its international baby wearing week... im so happy that is a thing because it deserves to be celebrated. 

it only make sense that something we held inside us for so long should be held close to us. as close as possible - well at least this is what i'd want; forever. i want him to snuggle in my bed every night. close, so close i can feel his warm tiny breaths. 

i want to watch him when he naps.

i cant keep my eyes off the mirror that reflects his angel face in the back seat

i hurt if hes hurting and i cry tears of joy when he smiles and experiences this life in new ways. this world is so big and the things he will go through are so impending... and scary. and i just want to tuck him under my mama bird wing forever. 

but i also want him to experience. to fall and get hurt, learn to sleep + soothe on his own. 

and where is the balance? i hope that we will fall into it. that he will grab my hand when he needs guidance, snuggle me when he is sick and run to me if he is scared. i hope that he will explore new areas, love new friends .. become cohen. 

for 9 months i imagined him. imagined his personality and the future man he would be. 
and he is none of those things. he is more. 

he is joyful and kind .. .and only three months! i cant wait to meet him over and over again. i love you little squish. 

August 28, 2014

happy baby essentials

k woah. blogging hiatus. how do the weeks fly by so fast, oh yes, i have a newborn! when i was pregnant i had a lot of "oh no, am i going to be bored!?" ... go through my head.

then your baby comes and between feeding, changing, trying to get them to sleep and then sleeping yourself even though all you want to do is stare at their sweet face, the days fly. in such a good way.

my little squish is almost 2 months old now. i feel like i just met him yesterday but at the same time i feel like ive known him my whole life.

a lot of people ask my "fave baby must haves" so i compiled a little list :) mostly you just need yourself, a lot of love and some diapers but there are a few luxuries I have enjoyed

so comfy, so light and the perfect length. seriously nothing beats carrying my little love around like a kangaroo! it makes him and i both so happy 

stylish. dark and has a UV / shade window?! sold me. it is so hard to find a snazzy boyish car seat cover!

AND the things that have gotten me through those days when nothing seems to help the little babe calm down

first off - the swaddle pod. wowzer. those bamboo soft swaddle blankets are amazing for a million things (carseat cover, nursing cover, just a snuggly blanky, but let me tell you, if your babe is a fighter like mine not even the tightest wrap can keep him in. i love these pods because they just zip up (EASY in the middle of the night) + are nice and snug 

i read brining up bebe before i was pregnant, it is a brilliant read. an american mama travels to france and discovers the secrets behind their well behaved children who *gasp* respect authority! i hope i can put her theories to use one day

OH SLEEP. glorious sleep. cohen is just to the age where we can start "training" him haha or better wording, he is learning to sleep longer at night. we are up to 5-6 hours and i love the concepts in this book because it is science based. i love a good cold hard fact and this takes the anatomy and development of a baby and explains how to help them sleep - its a winner

oh blessed mamaroo. no words are needed. but to sum it up, tons of white noises, tons of rocking patterns and an age specific mobile. 

cohen is a binky baby to the MAX. these mams are my favorite (it really is up to your babe to choose what he likes) but i think cohen has good taste because they are the cutest ive found ;)

my favorite soothing music is definitely some sort of symphony, and it makes me feel like im helping his little brain develop! baby einstein lullabies have some of the classics with simplified tunes

well that sums it up! my favorite things for this little babe. what are your faves?

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