August 28, 2014

happy baby essentials

k woah. blogging hiatus. how do the weeks fly by so fast, oh yes, i have a newborn! when i was pregnant i had a lot of "oh no, am i going to be bored!?" ... go through my head.

then your baby comes and between feeding, changing, trying to get them to sleep and then sleeping yourself even though all you want to do is stare at their sweet face, the days fly. in such a good way.

my little squish is almost 2 months old now. i feel like i just met him yesterday but at the same time i feel like ive known him my whole life.

a lot of people ask my "fave baby must haves" so i compiled a little list :) mostly you just need yourself, a lot of love and some diapers but there are a few luxuries I have enjoyed

so comfy, so light and the perfect length. seriously nothing beats carrying my little love around like a kangaroo! it makes him and i both so happy 

stylish. dark and has a UV / shade window?! sold me. it is so hard to find a snazzy boyish car seat cover!

AND the things that have gotten me through those days when nothing seems to help the little babe calm down

first off - the swaddle pod. wowzer. those bamboo soft swaddle blankets are amazing for a million things (carseat cover, nursing cover, just a snuggly blanky, but let me tell you, if your babe is a fighter like mine not even the tightest wrap can keep him in. i love these pods because they just zip up (EASY in the middle of the night) + are nice and snug 

i read brining up bebe before i was pregnant, it is a brilliant read. an american mama travels to france and discovers the secrets behind their well behaved children who *gasp* respect authority! i hope i can put her theories to use one day

OH SLEEP. glorious sleep. cohen is just to the age where we can start "training" him haha or better wording, he is learning to sleep longer at night. we are up to 5-6 hours and i love the concepts in this book because it is science based. i love a good cold hard fact and this takes the anatomy and development of a baby and explains how to help them sleep - its a winner

oh blessed mamaroo. no words are needed. but to sum it up, tons of white noises, tons of rocking patterns and an age specific mobile. 

cohen is a binky baby to the MAX. these mams are my favorite (it really is up to your babe to choose what he likes) but i think cohen has good taste because they are the cutest ive found ;)

my favorite soothing music is definitely some sort of symphony, and it makes me feel like im helping his little brain develop! baby einstein lullabies have some of the classics with simplified tunes

well that sums it up! my favorite things for this little babe. what are your faves?

July 31, 2014

baby love

all you mamas out there already know this but motherhood is ... fast

everything about it is fast. the days, the sleepless nights, the weeks! i swear its all one helicopter blade blur whizzing in my head. i cant believe cohen has been in my life 3 weeks! i am still marveling at the fact that he is no longer INSIDE of me... isnt that beyond bizarre?

im still in awe that i know him so well. i mean, yeah, i have some stuff to figure out but i feel like he communicates with me without words, he loves me without meaning to. which if you think about it is something so special

the world is so intentional. we all do things "because". because.. we make money, because.. our spouse/mom/church wants us to, because ... we "have to"

babies dont have that capacity. to do things "because". and that is was makes them so amazing. they are so completely unintentional, so untouched and innocent that everything they are is pure. it creates this burning inside me to protect him and teach him purely as well.

ive learned some things i didnt expect these past few weeks.
i always thought i was somewhat of a 'toughy" i was glad i was having a boy because they are rough and tumbly and i can teach him to be a man (gruff voice)

but really im a push over. honestly. forget sleep schedules and crying it out. i believe newborns need cuddles, whenever they want

and ive learned that little boys are beyond sweet and gentle and i cant wait for him to intentionally love me
ive also decided that our children are a direct reflection of us. and that is quite daunting but i accept the challenge. 

cohen is already so many things. his personality was given to him by our Heavenly Father and I thank him for that everyday. he is already spirited; he knows what he wants and he tells me! he is already a cuddler, which i cant wait to see manifest in a little toddler. he loves to be held, carried etc.. always, it makes for long nights but i cant get enough. 

he loves to stretch..
alot. and i wish i could find the picture but this is exactly what i used to do as a baby! he also yawns like me, which i cant describe but its not so cute on me as it is on him

he loves the men in his life, obviously his dad and especially his papa A. and as you can tell, he loves sleeping. not from the hours of 10pm - 2 am though, heaven forbid


being a mother (woah) is  something i cant really explain. but these posts are my attempt to.
when hes in the room but not in my arms i miss him
i have an achy feeling in my heart for him always, not a bad ache, just a ... you fit right in that little spot ache
he makes me realize why we are Here. its not about money, appearances, successes ... it is for them. we are here to live for others. our family, our children and its something no one can take away from us.

July 22, 2014

cohen's nursery + fawn design

isn't it a curious thing how we nest nest nest our babes little nursery into perfection even though it will be nothing more than a glorified gift storage room for upwards of 6 or more months

so curious

but you aren't human if it doesn't tickle some sort of maternal bone deep down to do it; so alas, nest away preggo mamas!

cohens nursery is stuck somewhere between random and colorful with no theme to be found. it all started when i painted some whimsical animal watercolors back when i was pregnant and the rest is history. there are a few pictures below of some of the details 

now on to another mystery of mommy hood. the diaper bag. the oh so important, ever coveted diaper bag. do you remember the days of winnie the pooh and plastic-y pink totes? they are (yay for us) GONE and in place are these stylish totes that honestly are better looking than any purse I've ever carried. 

when i was searching for a bag i knew i wanted something that had a few qualities - 

1. black. naturally, because every bag i own is black and because parker can feel like a "real man" with a black bag
2. big. roomy, last thing i wanted was to organize. i just need to be able to throw it all in 
3. back packable. but not boxy. which, if you've been in the market, is quite the feet. 

well my search was to no avail. i was going into my 37th week with no diaper bag and no hope when out of the deep blue FAWN DESIGN caught my eye. oh my my my, what a beauty. and black and roomy and GOLD accents; really could it be more perfect? and not to mention the bee themed wipable lining (swoon)

so i snatched this beauty up. and in the process met the design jen, she is something pretty special. we talked about bag design over soup and i fell in love with her and her vision! she will be at craft lake city 
on august 9th with bags for sale (shop is currently closed to get ready for the event) so go find her!

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