December 2, 2014

on sleep.

the S word. 

its quite the naughty little thing in the mama community. either your baby sleeps through the night and you didnt teach them to, you just have one of THOSE babies

or they REALLY dont, and youre so tired they end up in your bed and youre one of THOSE parents.

or they are alright for a month, and then one glorious day they sleep 8 hours and you REALLY think youre on to something

and then they dont... ever again. 

and then it hits a point and you decide "i will train this baby to sleep!" 

and alas. here i sit. trying to will my 40 hr work week + a 5 month old baby who doesnt sleep through the night brain to function and write this blog post

and yes. ive read that book, ive actually read most of those books and i know its a baby by baby case but maybe if i combine advice from all the wonderful mamas i know i will come up with a magic potion that helps my little nugg stay in slumber land. 

so im going to give you the deets on my babe and please ALL suggestions welcome. i will give one disclaimer. 

i have pondered and prayed about cry it out and i have decided its just not good in my bones (heres a little more on why), it doesnt fit in my puzzle. you are welcome to suggest it but tell me all your other goods as well because i just dont have nerves 


wake up (between 7-8am) ill say 8 for sake of this schedule 

nap 1 (9-10am)
eat (10am)

nap 2 (11-1145pm)
eat (12pm)

nap 3 (1pm-2pm)
eat 2pm

nap 4 (3-345pm he has started to cut this nap out)
eat (4pm)

nap 5 (530-6)
eat 6pm

BEDTIME ROUTINE begins around 7pm

massage and moisturize
feed both breasts + a bottle until content (usually about 20-30min of eating)
swaddle (not arms down but i cover his hands)
sing and rock
lay down in crib (usually asleep) 8-830pm

sleep 8-12am

.... after about 12 am cohen usually wakes up 2-3 times. im not really sure how many times he wakes up because usually hes just in my bed and i just roll over and feed him.(i know im lazy lol). he never stays awake long enough to even eat but thats what soothes him. 

-co uses a binky, he doesnt/ hasnt ever fallen asleep without a binky (usually spits it out once he is asleep)
-he is still swaddled but just to cover his hands, his legs are out and has full arm movement (he doesnt roll in his sleep, or even move that much haha)
- cohen is 5 months old next week 

okay mamas let the tips ROLLLLL in :) 

November 17, 2014

christmas photos // warming up this cold

even though i am a summer girl there is something so whimsical about the cold. this november went from indian summer to nose biting winter in a day, that day was the day we decided to take our christmas card pictures. the darling desiree bell from desired shots photography brought all sorts of happiness and warmth into the photos. i am beyond thrilled with them

AND to top it off she works with a fab graphic designer that made a collection of gorgeous cards you can pair with your photos. i have listed her pricing and dates available below; she's filling up fast!


Christmas Card Package includes: a 30 minute photography session with Desired Shots Photography, digital copies of 30 edited images, your choice of one of Allie Brown's card designs, and 50 printed Christmas Cards with envelopes mailed to your home!  The entire package is $120.  

Dates left to book:
Nov 22nd - Christmas Tree Farm in Layton (there are only openings left in the afternoon)
Nov 29th - Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon  (openings available both morning and afternoon!)

October 20, 2014


ive been wanting to write about "our day in age" for awhile now but i havent really even been sure where to begin. 

at this very moment millions of you have the potential to read this post. that would make my grandmas brain turn to mush - just trying to comprehend the magnitude of the concept, 

 i remember when i created my first myspace profile complete with my "top ten"... had my first MSN messenger chat.. with categories of my favorite boys and girls. oh and then facebook - that took all of us to a whole new level. interacting in a way that we could never imagine possible. living within others lives and i believe sometimes covering our own with theirs like a blanket

not a warm snuggly blanket. 

the kind you want to take off but you feel SO vulnerable without. but really, have you ever attempted to distance yourself from "social media" , no im not saying go on a cleanse and delete it all for one week where you have a countdown to the next time you can open instagram. 

i mean really remove yourself from the comparison. after all, the perfectly collaged picture walls of instagram state "comparison is the thief of joy" 

ok sarcasm aside. there is something so discouraging about waking up in my half decorated house with yesterdays mascara, a groggy head because the babe woke up 3 times in the night and my husbands tee shirt on and rolling over and opening instagram to find.... 

perfectly styled outfits, and hair.... and nails.... and makeup 

oh and youre 19 and just built a mansion with rooms straight off of pinterest? 

and in your perfect marble and white kitchen youre making fresh raspberry mousse  BUT youre having a green smoothie because... 

you have perfect abs and go on runs with the autumn breeze in your hair!!

and thats when i just roll over and die. 

but thats a shame.

because i have a beautiful home that i have put my sweat into.full of items ive collected over the years and its not a magazine but its HOME;  and its more than i ever imagined i would have growing up in a single home moving every 6 mo. 

and i have a husband who cherishes me. who tells me im beautiful, sexy, cute... even when my hair is tangled, cohen has spit up on my shoulder and my legs look like the 70's

and guess what i actually had time to eat today, so what if it was tuna straight from the can.

and when my babe decided napping is for the birds i got my workout on vaccuuming with my little wrapped up close to my heart. and my babe is perfect, he is a blend of my husband and me and he loves us. he smiles at us and he talks in his little sing songy voice as he falls asleep in my arms. 

and you know what, all of a sudden im completely void of comparison because there IS so much joy in this little home of mine; my Heavenly Father as reached down and personally blessed me. 

and i hope that everyday i can reflect on this. that i can take off the heavy laid blanket of this world we live in and feel that tiny breeze across my skin and become awake to this beautiful life i live. 

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